Logo Designs

Effective logos are very important to establishing a brand’s identity. It is the point of reference your customers will use to determine who you are, and what you do.

Whatever you decide a logo has to have meaning and has to tell the story of your company in a visual way. It needs to be simple enough that it can be easily recognized, unique enough to stand out and versatile enough to be applied to different mediums, applications and situations. It has to be memorable and be relevant to your business. That said, the Starbucks's logo is all these but has nothing to do with coffee and yet is a successful, instantly recognizable logo due to it’s uniqueness. Originality counts!

Designing Logos

A logo is the introduction to your brand and as with all first impressions, people will have a gut, emotional response. You have to think what you want that to be and how you can represent that visually. Who are you targeting, what are their likes and dislikes, what would they expect from a company like yours? What mood do you want to create, emotion to provoke, action to take, ideology to aspire to? What does that look like. Remember logo design is not about how well you can draw but how well you can communicate visually.